Complaint procedure

Do you want to complain about the work of Waltham Forest Bilingual Group?

Here is how....

WFBG is committed to providing a quality service. Complaints are important to help us improve our events. Comments or suggestions on our services are also very welcome either in writing, on a cassette tape, or by telephoning or speaking to a member of our group.

The Chair
Waltham Forest Bilingual Group
21 Chingford Avenue
E4 6RJ
Tel 0208 529 8189

  1. The Chair of the Management Committee shall investigate all complaints. You may be unhappy about a service, an event, about the behaviour of a member of the group or you may feel that you have been discriminated against because of your ethnicity, religion, language, gender, sexuality, marital status, age or disability, or on any other grounds. (If you have a complaint about the Chair of the Management Committee, please contact either the Secretary or Treasurer).
  2. You may prefer to first try to resolve your complaint informally by speaking with a member of the management committee. If you want to make a more formal complaint, you can either write to the Chair or telephone (see details above).
  3. The Chair will investigate the circumstances and communicate the results of the investigation to the complainant within a reasonable time, normally 21 days.
  4. The Management Committee shall be informed by the Chair at the next meeting of the nature of any complaint and the outcome and any changes in the way things are run which may result.
  5. Where appropriate WFBG shall make a written apology (signed by the Chair of the Management Committee) to the complainant.

Further information

WFBG is an autonomous, independent organisation committed to resolving problems. If, after following the above procedures, you are still unhappy with the response or outcome, you may want to get further information or assistance from the Citizens Advice Bureau, your trade union or Voluntary Action Waltham Forest.