Children in multilingual families – Online Workshop for Parents

Parent-to-parent tips and advice on how to deal with two or more languages in your family.

First Stages – Workshop for Parents

This workshop is for parents of children aged 0-5. This workshop can address issues from deciding which languages to speak before the baby is born, to what to do if a toddler replies only in one language.

Next Steps – Workshop for Parents

This workshop is for parents of children aged 4-8. It covers starting school, learning to read and write, and the phase when children interact more fully with the English environment. It also addresses concerns about some children who are reluctant to speak a home language.

The Teenage Years – Workshop for Parents

For parents of children from 9-12. This newly developed workshop will cover issues from choosing secondary schools, language options at secondary schools, studying and taking exams in home languages as well as providing some insights into the emotional and social changes that teenagers experience and how this might impact on multilingualism in the family.

We have been running workshops for parents using discussions and question and answer sessions to give a basic introduction to what our members have experienced to demonstrate what works for different bilingual families.

These events are run by parents for parents. We won’t have all the answers – but we will know how it feels. Workshops will be advertised if we receive sufficient demand. If you wish to register your interest in any workshop listed above, please contact us.  

For more details or to register your interest, send an email to .